Nesphory Mwambai

Nesphory Mwambai


A Member of Alternative leadership Association in Taita Taveta and leader of Agribusiness club, member at Connect4Climate under World Bank, Future Leaders Network Family(Y7 Ambassador a G7 youth Network), also a member at Civicus Alliance, Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network (GBYN), Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL), Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), FARA, Empower Africa Business Network, Alibaba Global Initiatives e-Founder Family/alumina,

Member at FoodTechies Finland, TFOUA, Ubuntu Leaders Academy (ULA). Organic Ilemba Limited is creating a solution on Urban Aquaculture Recirculation Systems which uses less space, easy to manage, rears fish at high densities and require no excavation.

This system reuses water upto 98% this gives us an opportunities to rear fish at anytime and anywhere. Enabling production under optimal controlled conditions, making it the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution for land-based fish farming.

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