Mahlatse Matlakana

South Africa – Wozilex 

Mahlatse is the founder of Wozilex and has a great understanding and skill when it comes to farming. Her experience shows in the fact that she was voted as both the best young farmer of the year and the best female farmer of the year in the Capricorn District in 2019, and was recognized and recommended by SA President Cyril Ramaphosa as the younger farmer in the Limpopo province.

Mahlatse is 22 years old, and founded Wozilex in 2017. She manages the business’ operations with the support of a team of 6, who help her fun the farm, as well as 15 seasonal employees.

One of the biggest milestones of the business was being acknowledged as a “passionate vegetable producer” by the President in his Youth Day speech in 2019. As well as being able to give jobs to the unemployed and being able to help the poor through food security.

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