Francescah Munyi

Kofar – Kenya

Francescah Munyi is a transformational social entrepreneur with a natural passion for farmers and the environment. She founded KOFAR Kenya Ltd that converts vegetative waste into fortified compost. She has over 10yrs experience working with farmers as an expert in soil and human nutrition.

She also has over 10yrs experience working in finance institutions in her early employment years.

She grew up in a small coffee farm in the slopes of Mt Kenya and understands well the importance of clean food for human consumption. She knows why the soil nutrition is important for increment of productivity of any crop in the farms. She is a mother of 2.

She graduated from Catolica University of Milan with Master’s degree in Global Social Entreprenuership. She has participated in many accelerator programmes to improve her understanding on the soils and human nutrition as well as business and environment.

Francescah is keen on the farmer increasing productivity as well as maintaining healthy soils for future use. She has trained over 30000 farmers on healthy soils as a crucial key to increasing yields.

She is a team player and fits well with people of all classes. She adopts easily to new environment and quick in learning new culture. Her experience extends to composting, farm planning and agricultural waste recycling.

Francescah was able to put a connection between the human health and the soil health. So far she has helped many people adjust their diets and maintain the kitchen gardens as well as reverse dietary diseases.

She has been featured in several articles working on soil.

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