Elizabeth Okullow

Elizabeth Okullow

Aafri Fudi – Kenya

Elizabeth is a Co-founder and CEO of Aafri Fudi who works with individuals and farmers to help them grow food using hydroponic technology. Elizabeth believes that Africa can feed herself with the available resources.

With a mission to work towards daily food availability through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship, Elizabeth is determined to promote food security in Africa.

Elizabeth has trained 1000+ people across Africa on Agribusiness. She has won awards such as Mandela Washington Fellowship and Africa YES Fellowship due to her outstanding work in Agribusiness.

Elizabeth is a Certified Agribusiness Manager and Hydroponic Technologist.Her work has been featured in Businessday in Nigeria and Daily Nation in Kenya. Elizabeth holds a degree in Microbiology from Karatina University and certificate in
Entrepreneurship and Leadership from ALX.

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