Dr Nirmala Reddy

Dr Nirmala Reddy

Nedbank Business Banking – South Africa

Strategy Specialist: Enterprise & Supplier Development, Nedbank Business Banking. Nirmala joined Nedbank in 2004, working across various divisions within the bank. Her passion for entrepreneurship led to her overseeing the strategy and execution of enterprise development at Nedbank.

She has worked with incubators and programmes across South Africa and the rest of the globe. These efforts have culminated in Nedbank uplifting thousands of business owners who have become sustainable job-creating entities that contribute to the economy.

Nirmala has extensive experience in Community Development, focusing on alleviating poverty and job creation. She spent much of her formative years working within communities, implementing strategies to transition feeding programmes to co-create sustainable, empowering solutions focusing on alleviating hunger and facilitating access to necessities such as water and sanitation.

She is passionate about changing lives through dialogue and personal mastery. Her multi-faceted background is underpinned by a Ph.D. in alternative medicine, various community development & business studies, and personal mastery journeys.

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