One Africa One Voice

08 - 09.11.2021

One Africa One Voice

Business Leaders to Deliberate Africa’s Economic Growth and Continental Unity at 2021 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit

The devastation of COVID-19, the identification of new variants and the lack of vaccines have dampened the positive outlook we have all had for the Africa continent. These factors, coupled with unrest in countries such as South Africa and eSwatini, and with more than seven national presidential elections across the continent that seldom run peacefully, do not bode well for economic recovery. In fact, Africa is the only global continent where political violence increased in 2020, in comparison to 2019. Statistics support the impression that conflict on the continent is getting worse, not better.

On the upside, the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) officially started operating on January 1st, 2021 and, by all accounts, it can be life changing for many Africans – if we work together. But the Free Trade Area is only one building block on the continent’s road to sustainable economic recovery and prosperity. If we are to create a more equitable society, business across all industry sectors must come together with society and collectively interrogate how Africa can achieve the future we all want – particularly in this Decade of Action towards realisation of Agenda 2030 and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Collaborative Theme

The theme for the 2021 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit (8-9 November 2021) that will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, is One Africa  One Voice. It reflects what is needed from government, business and society to make a success of the AfCFTA, as well as work together towards Africa’s economic recovery.

Building on the record-breaking success of the summit hosted in 2020, a collective of business leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs will be sharing the virtual stage to address key topics on Africa’s transformation and what it will take to achieve this.

Focus Areas

pARTNERSHIPSThe focus areas for the 2021 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and include:

1. Economic Growth & the AfCFTA
2. Survival of the African Entrepreneur
3. Gender Equality and inclusion
4. The SDGs and building back better

Key Deliverables

The 7 key deliverables of the 2021 Summit are to:

  1. Change the Narrative:
    Participate in changing the African narrative towards one of growth, collaboration and innovation.
  2. Drive SDG Alignment:
    Promote and demonstrate business alignment to the SDGs
  3. Foster Ecosystem Collaboration:
    Provide a platform for businesses to connect and collaborate towards greater collective impact,
  4. Provide Entrepreneur Support:
    Build linkages between social entrepreneurs and investors, and help to unlock entrepreneurial potential inherent in cross-sector and cross-border collaboration
  5. Facilitate Leadership Participation:
    Elevate the importance of purpose-led organisations and leadership
  6. Demonstrate Shared Value in Practice:
    African business and entrepreneurs demonstrate profit with purpose and sustainability in action
  7. Build the SVAI Network:
    Grow the Shared Value Africa Initiative membership and strategic partnership network across the African continent

Who Should Attend?

Content presented during the 2021 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit has been curated and crafted to address all. From C-Level decision makers, to the CEO, CFO, CMO CIO, the MD, Divisional Heads, Strategist, Sustainability experts to young leaders and entprereneurs. All driven by a passion to bring about change.

What to Expect?

Be inspired by how Shared Value can drive social and economic change in Africa. Hear from a diverse group of thinkers and doers in a series of interactive sessions aimed at fuelling pragmatic discussions and providing real-world insights on how Shared Value thinking can drive Africa’s economic recovery, equality, inclusion and entrepreneurial growth.

A Decade of Shared Value

This year, the Shared Value business management concept celebrates 10 years since the now-famous Creating Shared Value article was first published in the Harvard Business Review. The concept was created and developed by renowned academics and economists Professors Michael Porter and Mark Kramer from Harvard Business School.

In line with this, one of this year’s highlights at the end of Day 1 will be a live link-up to the start of the global Shared Value Leadership Summit in the USA, as part of the10 year celebrations. The 2021 Summit will also close off with an insightful address by Prof. Mark Kramer, who will be sharing his views on the important part Shared Value has to play in the economic recovery of Africa.

A Decade of Shared Value

About the Organisers


The Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) is a pan-African organisation and the regional partner of the global Shared Value Initiative business network that are drawn together through a common purpose: to assist and collaborate with organisations to create Shared Value and build prosperous and sustainable economies and societies through focussing on Profit with Purpose.

There is a real need for African-driven solutions for African challenges. Adopting a Shared Value business model enables innovative, forward-thinking business to find growth opportunities in addressing social and environmental challenges using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the guiding principles
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ShiftShift Impact Africa is the co-creator and organiser of the Africa Shared Value Leadership summit. Shift work  closely with the SVAI to deliver a continental summit that focus on sharing business learning and ideas on value creation and social impact focusing on the Business Management concept of Shared Value.

Shift  is a connect-scale-impact consulting firm that assists organisations with unlocking the power of a Shared Value sustainability strategy – one that is not only centred on social and environmental impacts, but also works for our clients AND benefits the communities in which they operate.

We advocate strongly for business focus on profit with purpose, founded on the belief that business can create both economic value and value for society. Shift is women-owned and driven by a team of diverse  Shared Value Social Impact and Sustainability consultants.
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